The Mission of the Banco Farmaceutico is to respond to the pharmaceutical needs of indigent persons through the collaboration of welfare organisations operating in their area according to four essential values: central value of each person, education, subsidiarity and professionalism.

Banco Farmaceutico puts the various participants into a virtuous relationship, so that their experience and expertise is of mutual enrichment (Welfare Organisations, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, volunteers, citizens) while educating them to the values of sharing and gratuity.

Banco Farmaceutico: charity at work against health poverty.


Banco Farmaceutico embraces each person in his entirety by considering more than his immediate need. A concrete gesture such as the donation of medicines becomes an opportunity for a deeper involvement that concerns every aspect of a person's life.

Pharmacists, volunteers, companies, citizens give a portion of their resources and their time to share the requirements of those in need. In doing so they learn what it means to give freely as a dimension of their own lives.

Banco Farmaceutico operates through collaboration with the different realities in each area that operate at the forefront in assisting the poor by enhancing the resources, capabilities and specificities of each party.

Banco Farmaceutico operates with high professional standards for the treatment of medication, by guaranteeing the integral condition of the medicines and that each person receives the highest possible quality of medication.