Recovery of Valid Medicines



In our homes on a daily basis large quantities of unexpired medicines remain unused, wasted or disposed of. It is a resource that could represent instead a valuable asset for those who do not have the financial possibility to access care. It is a huge waste and a serious economic loss to our health care system, not to mention the serious negative consequences on the environment produced by the disposal of tons of medicines. For this reason the Medicine Bank has promoted the project "Recovery valid unexpired drugs": easily identifiable collection boxes are placed within the pharmacies participating in the initiative where individuals, assisted by the pharmacist, can donate medicines which they no longer need. Only medicines with at least 8 months validity, properly stored and intact in their original packaging, are collected, with the exception of medicines requiring temperature-controlled storage, as in hospitals (group H) and belonging to the category of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico onlus
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The initiative began in the municipality of Rome in 43 pharmacies operated by the Roman Farmacap, in Milan and hinterland in 55 pharmacies and Varese in 4 pharmacies.

Collection boxes are placed inside the pharmacies where medicine can be donated, while the pharmacist ensures its validity and expiry date.
Rome, Milan and Varese, are the first cities in Italy to experiment with this continuos collection of medicines. A small gesture on the part of a citizen produces a significant result that goes beyond poverty and health issues. This also implicates a reduction in the cost of disposing of medicines.

The initiative was promoted in Rome with the collaboration of: Roma Capitale, Farmacap and A.M.A. (Municipal Environment Enterprise);
Milan: Department of Social Affairs and Health Culture of the City of Milan, AFM (Milanese Pharmaceutical Companies), Federfarma and Order of Pharmacists - Milan
Varese: Varese Province, Federfarma, Order of Pharmacists - Varese

Member organizations and pharmacies can be found by downloading the pdf or by clicking on the cities listed below.