BF & Pharmacies



Pharmacies have a central role in the donation of medicines, being protagonists from the start of the National Medicine Collection Day and the fulcrum of the project "Recovery of valid medicines".

By collaborating with Banco Farmaceutico, the pharmacist's role is enhanced: to be at the forefront and by the side of his customers always.

The pharmacist who adheres to the National Medicine Collection Day directs customers to the purchase of appropriate medicines (OTC and P) required by the charity to which the pharmacy is connected: Banco Farmaceutico provides both material for public communication and the presence of volunteers in the pharmacy during the day.

Pharmacies wishing to participate in the National Medicine Collection Day, are required to contact the local Chief Executive Officer of Banco Farmaceutico and fill out a membership form. The pharmacist is consequently invited to donate freely an amount equal to the margin realized by the sale of medicines donated by citizens.

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