BF & Companies


BF & Companies

Since 2007, through the know-how of Banco Farmaceutico Research, Banco Farmaceutico has begun to interface with companies in order to respond more adequately to the increasing demands on the part of charities.

Banco Farmaceutico Research provides expert advice to companies on dealing with the legal, fiscal and logistical matters concerning donations.

Currently 30 companies are involved in a volume of donations which in 2013 reached close to a million packs.

Banco Farmaceutico has created BFOnline, web-based system that guarantees companies the traceability of lots donated. By connecting this platform to the Farmadati archive, Banco Farmaceutico can quickly match a company's offer to the needs of the affiliated charities, based on the active ingredient of the products donated.

The modification of medicine packaging (cancellation of label/ instruction leaflet verification) and distribution to the welfare organisations are guaranteed by collaboration with DHL, Alliance Healthcare, Alloga , Chiapparoli and Unifarma, leading companies in the field of logistics.

Companies requiring additional information can refer to:

Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico onlus
National Headquarters
Daniele Valerin
Responsabile Donazioni Aziendali
t. +39 02 70104315
f. +39 02 700503735